Career ABC

The Career ABC aims to give you additional advice and tips on how to increase your employability, alongside your progress with Skills Summary. There are six sections, which all contain subsections on specific advice for, or questions you may have on, these topics. They include helpful templates for download and links to explore further.

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Careers and Jobs

Get an introduction to careers and find out what sort of work you would be interested in doing and where to find advice on this.

Life Skills

Discover the link between developing life skills and your career, as well as advice on how to develop your life skills.

Writing a CV and Your Skills Summary

Find out how to write a CV, as well as share a CV with employers and advice for finding work abroad – our CV template helps you make the process that bit easier.

Writing a Cover Letter

Get more information on the elusive cover letter – why you need one, how to write it, what to include, and our cover letter template helps you get it done with the least amount of stress!


Learn how to prepare for both online and in-person interviews, as well as all the sorts of questions you might be asked and what to do during your interview.

So, You’ve Got the Job?!

Get answers to some burning questions you may have about starting a new job but don’t know where to find the answers to!