Skills Summary is an easy to use online tool that measures the skills young people gain by participating in non-formal education, such as volunteering, youth work and other out-of-school opportunities.

Skills Summary builds confidence in young people, so that they can better communicate the value of these essential skills to future employers.

Why use Skills Summary?

  • Assess your career skills, including communication skills, interpersonal skills and more
  • Identify your key strengths in your career, and areas that need development
  • Develop your job interview skills
  • Build an online profile to track your career progress
  • Gather endorsements to help develop a winning CV
  • Do all of the above for free!

Who is Skills Summary for?

  • Everyone working on or interested in their personal/professional skill development
  • Skills Summary is in particular tailored to young people aged 16-25
  • Youth workers and others, within their role supporting young people’s skill development

Want to learn more?

Information for youth workers

Skills Summary is both a process and a product. As a process it aims to support young people’s learning, with a particular focus on those who may find traditional academic learning challenging, by helping them to map the learning acquired through their participation in youth work and other non-formal settings to a set of competences. As a product, Skills Summary will support young people to articulate the competencies they have acquired both for themselves and potential employers.

Skills Summary supports the dialog between a young person and a youth worker or mentor. It can be used as a self-assessment and self-reflection tool for young people and as a measurement tool for organisations.

Visit our Skills Summary Resources page for helpful resources and inspiration about how to include Skills Summary in your youth work practice:

  • Skills Summary Guide – how to use the tool in different youth work settings
  • Skills Summary Manual – overview of the basic features of the tool
  • How to measure the impact of youth work with Skills Summary
  • Skills Summary Offline Version
  • Videos about how Skills Summary works and helps
  • and more…

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Skills Summary is the result of a collaborative project between the National Youth Council of Ireland, Accenture and It is funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and recognised as a measurement tool in the Youth Employability Initiative.