We hope that the following resources will support you in using Skills Summary with your young people and give you inspiration and ideas about how to include Skills Summary in your youth work practice.

12 skills posters

These printable A3 posters give basic descriptions of the 12 core soft skills and some tips around them. Print them out and put stick on the walls of your youth organisation – for young people to learn more and get a better understanding of the key skills employers are looking for.

Skills Summary in Practice – How Youth Organisations in Ireland are Using the Tool

This resource offers an insight into just some of the ways organisations have shared with us about how they are using Skills Summary to support their work. Get inspired!

Skills Summary Flyer

What is Skills Summary? Download our flyer to inform your young people about the tool.

Supporting you to measure the UBU outcomes with Skills Summary

The infographic gives an overview of how the seven UBU personal and social development outcomes as directly relating to the life skills evaluated on Skills Summary.

Skills Summary User Manual

All you need to know about using the online tool and its features – how to sign up, log in, edit your profile, download a PDF your Skills Summary…

Skills Summary Offline Version

You can`t access Skills Summary online with your young people? We have a Skills Summary Offline Version available for you.

Measuring Impact of Youth Work with Skills Summary

It can be challenging and time consuming to demonstrate the positive impact of youth work on young people.

Skills Summary – Guide for Youth Work Organisations

This guide is for those who have the privilege of witnessing the flourishing of young people in realtime but still often worry that those young people get left behind in the competitive world of employment and further opportunities.

Working with Skills Summary Remotely

This activity resource is designed to accompany the Skills Summary tool when working online with young people.

Welcome to Skills Summary

Learn more about how Skills Summary works with our Skills Summary Video.

How Skills Summary Helps

Aaron Connolly from Swan Youth Club tells us about his skills he has gained from his youth work experience.

How to sign up and use the Skills Summary online tool

How to come up with examples for your Skills Summary by Aidan

Working with Skills Summary Online Boards

Learn more about a free online boards tool to support Skills Summary progress, both individually and within a group.

Working with Skills Summary Online Mind Mapping

Learn more about how to use a free online mind mapping tool to assist planning and learning collaboratively with Skills Summary.